A Cleaner World

Our Guarantee:

Should work not be done up to standards, if notified by 9:30 AM, it shall be up to standards by 4 PM that day. If the work is not, then that day's work shall be free by means of deduction on that month's charges.

We Go the Extra Mile

  1. Buff Floor each month... No Charge
  2. Keep inventory of your supplies
  3. Take care of Biohazards & Sharpes No Charge
  4. Clean Windows inside every 90 days No Charge
  5. Get your supplies and bill to you


Our employees are trained and certified in Blood borne pathogens and either have their shots or we have on file their rejection for the shots. You can be liable for anyone that works in your facility should they contract any thing from sharpes and/or body fluids... this is why you should make sure that who ever cleans your facility meets OSHA requirements on the bloodborne pathogens... WE MEET THESE.

What Makes Us Different?

We have a certified Bloodborne Pathogen Trainer on staff.

Our Employees

  1. Are drug tested
  2. Passed a Police Check
  3. Bloodborne Pathogen Trained

Our Company

  1. Train our employees
  2. Keep check on their work
  3. Keep the same employee in your facility

Why is ACW #1?

Quality Service

  • Every employee is certified in blood borne pathogens and trained each year
  • They are regularly trained in new products, equipment, and for green cleaning.
  • We maintain the MSDS sheets for you, the customer.
  • We are the only cleaning service in East Tennessee that every employee is certified in blood borne pathogens as required by OSHA.
  • All employees are trained to OSHA regulations.